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What is Chat Engine

Chat Engine is an API which makes it easy to build chat services.

Building a chat from scratch takes a lot of time, code, and is expensive, it’s better to use a product instead of writing it from scratch.

It will allow you to build your chat idea in minutes and makes it simple to expand and customise.

12 Lines of code to get started

Once you’ve signed up here (free tier available)

Get your keys

Install Chat Engine to your app by running:

npm install react-chat-engine or yarn add react-chat-engine

Add Chat Engine into your app by importing and declaring the <ChatEngine /> component.

IMPORTANT: Replace projectID with your Project’s ID, replace userName with your User’s username, and replace userSecret with your user’s secret.

import React from 'react';
import { ChatEngine } from 'react-chat-engine';

function App() {
	return (

export default App;

And your up and running!!!

getting started tutorial

Taking it further

In this project video, you’ll build a full-fledged Firebase Chat Application. With social authentication including Google and Facebook using Firebase, online statuses, great design, and functionality, image support, sound notifications, the ability to create multiple rooms, and much more, this chat app is even better than the first chat application video I’ve created. I’ve listened to every single one of your comments and added all the features that you’ve requested.

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