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Code with Nx

If like me, during my consulting days, you’ve spent a lot of time working on monorepo apps, you’ll understand how painful it can be to work with:

  • Unclear dependencies
  • None modular code
  • Code that is difficult to reuse between apps
  • Long build and testing times

Introducing Nx by Nrwl

Nx by Nrwl solves several problems that developers commonly face when building and managing large-scale JavaScript applications. Some of the key problems that Nx helps to solve are:

  • Monorepo management: Nx provides tools for managing multiple projects and packages within a single codebase. This makes it easier for developers to share code, manage dependencies, and enforce consistent development practices across multiple projects.
  • Build and test automation: Nx provides a powerful CLI that automates many common development tasks, such as building, testing, and linting code. This helps to reduce the amount of manual effort required to maintain a large codebase.
  • Code quality and consistency: Nx provides tools for enforcing coding standards and best practices across a codebase. This can help to improve code quality and consistency, and reduce the likelihood of errors or bugs.
  • Scalability: Nx is designed to be highly scalable, which means it can handle large codebases with thousands of packages and projects. This makes it a good choice for large organizations that are working on complex JavaScript applications.

Overall, Nx by Nrwl helps to make the process of building and managing large-scale JavaScript applications more efficient, consistent, and scalable.

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